Home Treatment For Dark Circle Under Your Eyes

Anyone who has dark circles will know how ghastly they look. Not only do dark circles diminish the glow on the face but they can also make you look perpetually tired. However, if you are plagued with dark circles, you can try out some time tested dark circle home remedies which are bound to work.
Dark Circle Cure in Your Larder

1. Potatoes to the Rescue – The humble potato is known to effectively lighten dark circles. You can cut thin slices from a medium size potato and place them on your eyes. Keep the slices on for 20 minutes and follow this routine every day until the dark circles fade away. You can also grate a potato and place it in a muslin cloth, making small eyes pads. Use these pads on the eyes, for a perfect home remedy against dark circles.

2. Tea Bags for the Eyes – Are you finished having your cup of tea? Don’t throw away the tea bag; instead, cool and refrigerate the bag. Use the tea bag as an eye pad to permanently diminish dark circles. Remember to always cool the bag before using on the eye.

3. Rose Water for Dark Circles – Rose water is the extract obtained from rose petals; it is similar to essence, but less concentrated. Cut cotton into 2” by 2” squares and soak the in rose water. Refrigerate, or better still freeze the soaked cotton pads. Use these pads over the eyes for lightening dark circles and relaxing the eyes.
4. Almond Oil, the Magic Potion – Apply pure almond oil around your eyes. Almond oil is known to have properties which fade away dark circles. Use the ring finger to gently apply almond oil around the eyes. While applying the oil, gently move the finger from the inside of the eye to the outside corner. Leave the oil on for 15 minutes and wipe it off using a wet tissue or damp cotton balls.
Having a good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours is helpful in removing fatigue and stress related dark circles. A balanced diet is also very crucial. Ensure that you have a diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink 6–8 glasses of water per day. Water is essential in keeping the body hydrated and the skin around the eye supple.

Home remedies are effective, but can take a long time to work. For quick relief from dark circles use eyelasticity cream. Eyelasticity can be ordered online at eyelasticity.com

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