Home Treatment For Aging Spots, Wrinkles & Baldness

Our aging skin presents a lot of superficial problems. this problems result from a combination of two factors:

1. As we age the skin loses its elasticity. it develops more scar tissue and doesn't spring back as quickly into a smooth contour.
2. Damage from the sun accumulates over our lifetime and causes additional problems in the sun- exposed areas of our body.

The aging skin lets air leak into the hair follicles so that the hair turns white. some or all hair follicles lose the ability to produce hairs at all, and hair thins or disappears. the loss of elasticity means that the skin tends to sag, and crinkles int the face turn into deeper, fixed wrinkles. In general, don't worry about these problems. the aging face is expressive of character. thinning hair and baldness aren't disease, nor are aging spots. aging spots are pigmentary changes in the skin without any medical significance. some cells lose the ability to produce the pigment melanin, whereas others produce a bit too much of it. these changes can be thought of as an adult form of freckles. as such, they are flat, uniformly brown or tan in color, and they are regular borders. if they are raised, irregular in outline, or have multiple colors in one spot (especially shades of red, white, and blue.).

Home Treatment:
Stay out of the sun and use a sunscreen. this is particularly important if you are fair-skinned because such skin is more prone to sun damage. outside of this precautions there isn't much you can do at home for these problems except not to worry about them and that is all that is really needed.

Plastic Surgery:
The plastic surgeon can take out wrinkles by removing skin and stretching the remaining skin tighter. may procedures are available. wrinkles around the eyes can be take out, as can bags under the eyes. a full face-lift tightens the skin over the entire face. sagging breast can be reduced in size and lifted. tucks can be taken in the tummy. liposuction can remove fat, although the result is usually a little lumpy. hair transplant can be partially effective in some people. again, in good hands, done by surgeon who performs the procedure often, these operations have low risk. however, they are expensive. there occasional serious complication. with some of the procedures you won't want to be seen in public for a week or so after the operation.

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