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Head injuries are potentially serious, but few lead to problem. a concussion or a head injury that has led to a loss of consciousness requires emergency care. if the skull isn't obviously damaged, bleeding inside the skull is the major concern. the accumulation of blood inside the skull may eventually put pressure on the brain and cause damage. fortunately, the valuable contents of the skull are carefully cushioned. careful observation is the most valuable tool for diagnosing serious head injury. usually this can be done as well at home as in the hospital; there is some risk either way, so it is your choice.

The question in the decision chart will help you distinguish between a brain injury, which can be serious, and a head injury, which usually isn't.

Home Treatment
Ice applied to a bruised area may minimize swelling, but "goose eggs" often develop anyway. the size of the bump doesn't indicate the severity of the injury. the initial observation period is crucial. symptoms of bleeding inside the head usually occur within the first 24 to 72 hours. check the patient every 2 hours duringthe first 24 hours, every 4 hours during the second 24, and every 8 hours during the third. look for the following symptoms;

* Loss of Alertness: Increase lethargy, unresponsiveness, and abnormally deep sleep can precede coma.
* Unequal pupil size after injury: about 25% of people have pupils that are slightly unequal all the time.
* Severe vomiting: the vomit may be ejected several feet.

In rare cases, slow bleeding inside the head may form a blood clot that produces chronic headache, persistent vomiting, or personality changes months after the injury. this is called a subdural hematoma.

Minor Injury
A typical minor head injury generally occurs when a child falls and hangs his or her head. a bump begins to develop. the child remains conscious, although initially stunned. for a few minutes, the child is inconsolable and may even vomit once or twice during the first couple of hours. the child is back to normal except for the tender "goose egg."

Severe Injury
In a more severe head injury, symptoms usually take longer to develop. two or more of the danger signs are often present at the same time. the individual remains lethargic and isn't easily aroused. a pupil may enlarge. vomiting is usually forceful, repeated, and progressive worse. if in doubt, call your doctor. because most of the accidents occur in the evening hours, the injury person will generally be asleep several hours after the accident. you can look in on the person periodically to check pulse, pupils, and arousability if you are concerned. with minor head bumps and no signs of brain injury, nighttime checking is usually not necessary.

Head Injuries

Have any of the following occured?
1. unconsciousness
2. patient cannot remember injury
3. seizure

* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Are any of the following present?
1. visual problems
2. bleeding from eyes, ears or mouth
3. fluid draining from nose
4. irregular breathing or heartbeat
5. child under 2 years old

* if yes, see a doctor
* if no,  use home treatment

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