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Pain in the eye can be an important symptom and can't be safely ignored for long. fortunately it is an unusual complaint. itching and burning are more common. eye pain may be due to injury, infection, or an underlying disease. an important disease that can cause eye pain is glaucoma. glaucoma may slowly lead to blindness if not treated. in glaucoma, the fluid inside the eye is under abnormally high pressure, and the globe of the eye is tense, causing discomfort. vision to the sides is the first to be lost, gradually and almost imperceptibly, the field of vision narrows until the individual has "tunnel vision." in addition, a person often will see "halos" around lights. unfortunately, this sequence can occur even when there is no associated pain. eye pain is a nonspecific complaint, and question relating to the pain are often better answered under the more specific headings in this chapter. a feeling of tiredness in the eyes or some discomfort after a long period of fine work (eyestrain) is generally a minor problem and doesn't really qualify as eye pain. severe pain behind the eye may result to migraine headaches, and pain either above or below the eye may suggest sinus problems. pain in both eyes, particularly upon exposure to bright light, "photophobia," is common with many viral infection improves. more severe photophobia, particularly where only one eye is involved, may indicate inflammation of the deeper layers of the eye and requires a doctor.  

Home Treatment:
Except for eye pain associated with a viral illness or eyestrain, or minor discomfort that is more tiredness than pain, we don't recommend home treatment. in these case , resting the eyes, taking a few acetaminophen, and avoiding bright light may help. follow the chart to the discussion problems where appropriate. when symptoms persist, check them out in a routine appointment with your doctor. 

Eye Pain
Is the pain related to a sifnificant injury, or is a foreign body present?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Is the pain an itching or burning sensation, or are the eyes runny?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Is there any decrease in vision?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Is the pain severe or prolonged beyond 48 hours?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Is the pain more of a feeling of tiredness in the eyes, or are flu-like symptoms present?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Staring at a computer screen for a long time can cause eyestrain, irritation, blurred vision, and headaches. however, several studies conclude that these problems are temporary. to make them less likely:

1. Blink often, rest your eyes with momentary glances away from the screen, and use eye drops if necessary. staring at the screen tends to reduce your blinking and thus dry out our eyes.

2. Avoid glare from the screen by using indirect lighting, repositioning the screen, or using an anti-glare filter over it.

3. Make sure your monitor produces sharp, crisp images. fuzzy screen images increase eyestrain.

4. Get special glasses for your computer work if necessary. if you wear bifocals, you may be tilting your head at an uncomfortable angle to see the screen through the lower portion of your glasses.


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