Home Treatment For Elbow Pain

Aside from injuries, the main causes of elbow pain are BURSITIS and TENNIS ELBOW 

The elbow bursa is a fluid- filled sac located right at the tip of the elbow. when it is irritated, the amount of fluid increases, causing a swelling that looks very much like a small egg right at the end of the elbow. the swelling is the cause of discomfort. there should be no fever and only a little redness, if any.

Tennis Elbow
Of the cases of tennis elbow that reach the doctor's office, less than are actually associated with playing tennis. the rest usually result from work that requires a twisting motion of the arm-- such as using a screwdriver-- or have no obvious cause. the doctor's help is needed only for prolonged cases that don't get better; perhaps one person in 1,000 needs such help.

The diagnostic of tennis elbow doesn't depend on tests or special examinations. tennis elbow is simply defined as a pain in the lateral (outer) portion of the elbow and upper forearm. the pain occurs after repeatedly rolling or twisting the forearm, wrist and hand. tennis elbow is usually caused by the tremendous impact transmitted to the backhand motion. the risk that this force will increase tennis elbow is raised by:

* Hitting the ball with the elbow bent rather than locked in a position of strength.
* Trying to put top spin on the ball by rolling the wrist on contract (this doesn't work)
* Holding the thumb behind the racket
* Using a racket that is head- heavy, especially a wood racket
* using heavier balls, such as those of foreign make or the pressureless type.
* Using a very stiff racket

According to the experts, the most important preventive measure for tennis players is to use a two- handed backhand stroke.

Home Treatment:
Bursitis of the elbow is turned very much like bursitis of the shoulder. at the first sign of tennis elbow, you should, of course, take preventive measures. but suppose that you already use a two handed backhand, have switched to alight and supple metal racket, and so on. or suppose your job or favorite hobby requires repeated use of screwdrivers or other tools that aggravate the problem. what now? resting the arm will surely make it hurts less, but most likely taking two weeks off won't cure it forever. interestingly, most authorities now think that you can "play with the pain" and not cause permanent injury.

We advocate a commonsense approach to tennis elbow; cut down on your playing time. when you do play, warm up slowly and do some stretching exercises of the wrist and elbow before you begin to hit the ball. using a tennis elbow strap may help. applying ice after playing may also help.

Is the pain due to an injury?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Are any of the following present?
a. fever
b. swelling & redness
c. inability to use the joint
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Is the pain associated with sports or physical activity involving use of the elbow?
* if no, see a doctor
* if yes, use home treatment

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