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Consider the strange case of  fifth disease, whose only claim to fame is that it might be mistaken for another disease. it is so named because it is always listed last (and least) among the five very common contagious rashes of childhood. its medical name, erythema infectiosum, is easily forgotten. It comes very close to not being a disease at all. it has no symptoms other than rash, has no complications, and needs no more treatment. it cab be recognized because it causes a characteristics "slapped cheek" appearance in children. the rash often begins on the cheeks and is later found on the backs of the arms and legs. it often is very fine. lacy, and pink. it tends to come and go and may be presents one moment and absent the next. it is prone to recur for days or even weeks, especially as a response to heat (such as warm bath or shower) or irritation. in general, however, the rash around the face will fade within four days of its appearance, and the rash on the rest of the body will fade within three to seven days.

The only significance of fifth disease is that it could worry you or have you make an avoidable trip to the doctor's office. its recent resurgence makes this more likely. it is very contagious. epidemics of fifth disease have resulted in unnecessary school closings. fith disease is caused by parvovirus; the incubation period is thought to be form 4 to 14 days.

Home Treatment:
There is no treatment. just watch and wait to make sure you are dealing with fifth disease. check that there is no fever. fever is very unusual with fifth disease. no restrictions on activities are necessary.

Are all of the following present?
No fever
Slapped cheek rash is the first and only symptom
Palms and soles are not involve
* if yes, use home treatment
* if yes, suspect problem other than the fifth disease. check skin problems

Remember that the fifth disease:
1. Rash begins on the cheeks and causes "slapped cheek" appearance
2. Rash spreads to backs of arms and legs
3. Rash tends to come and go, and may recur over a period of weeks

Fifth Disease: apart from rash, there are no symptoms.

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