Home Treatment For Smashed Fingers

Smashing fingers in car doors or deck drawers, or with hammers or baseball, is all too common. if the injury involves only the end segment of the finger (the terminal phalanx) and doesn't involve a significant cut, the help of the doctor is seldom needed. blood under the fingernail (sunbungual hematoma) is a painful problem that you can treat.

Joint Fractures
Fractures of the bone in the end segment of the fingers aren't treated unless they involve the joint. many doctors feel that it is unwise to splint the finger even if there is a fracture of the joint. although the splint will decrease pain. it may also increase the stiffness of the joint after healing. however, if the fracture isn't splinted, the pain may persist longer, and may end up with a stiff joint anyway. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of splinting with your doctor.

Dislocated Nails
Fingernails are often dislocated in these injuries. it isn't necessary to have the entire fingernail removed. the nail that is detached should be clipped off to avoid catching it on other objects. nails will take from four to six weeks to grow back

Home Treatment
If the injuries doesn't involve other parts of the finger and if the finger can be moved easily, apply an ice pack for swelling and use acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen for pain. 

Blood Under a Nail
Pain caused by a large amount of blood under the fingernail can often be relieved simply. the home remedy sounds terrible but it is very simple and can sometimes save the nail.

1. Bend open an ordinary paper clip and hold it with a pair of pliers.
2. Heat one end with a flame from a butane lighter or gas stove, steadying the hand holding the pliers with the opposite hand.
3. when the tip is very hot, touch it to the nail; it will melt its way through the fingernail., leaving a clean, small, painless hole. there is no need to press down hard. take your time, lifting the paper clip to see if you are through the nail; usually the blood will spurt a little when you are through. reheat the papaer clip if necessary.

The blood trapped beneath the nail can now escape through the small hole. and the pain will be relieved as the pressure is released. if the hole closes and the blood reaccumulates, the procedure can be repeated using the same hole once again.

Is the injury limited to the end section of the finger?
if no, see a doctor
if yes, use home treatment

Is the end of the finger deformed?
if no, use home treatment
if yes, see a doctor

Ingrown nails can be treated at home. cut the nail straight across so that it's corner can grow outside the skin. let the nail grow free by firmly pushing the skin back from the corner with a Q-tip twice a day. keep the area clean. for hangnails, keep them clean. don't chew on them. 

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