Home Treatment For Bad Breath

Poor dental hygiene and smoking cause most cases of bad breath in adults. infections may also cause bad breath. recently it has been suggested that bad breath is occasionally due to gases absorbed from the intestine and released through the lungs. unfortunately, even if this is correct, it isn't clear what can be done about it. finally unusual problems such as abscesses of the lung or heavy worm infestations have been reported to cause bad breath, although we haven't seen these in our practices.  

Smoker's Breath  
The bad breath of smoking comes from the lungs as well as the mouth. thus, mouthwashes and breath fresheners do little to help smoker's breath. getting rid of this problem is another benefit of giving up cigarettes.

Morning Breath
Bad breath in the morning is very common in adults. flossing and regular tooth brushing should eliminate this problem.

In Children
A rare of prolonged bad breath in a child is a foreign in the nose. this is especially common in toddlers, who have inserted some small object that remains unnoticed. often, but not always, there is a white, yellowish, or bloody discharge from one nostril.

Home Treatment:
Proper dental hygiene, especially flossing, and avoiding smoking will prevent most causes of bad breath. of this doesn't eliminate the odor, a visit to the doctor or dentist may be helpful. mouthwashes that simply perfume the breath. these cover up but don't treat the underlying problem. if you smoke, bad breath is another good reason to quit.

Bad Breath
Does the person have mouth sores or a sore throat?
* if yes, take medicine for that
* if no, use home treatment

Is there a white, yellow, or bloody discharge from nostril?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

Is there a decaying tooth?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

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