Home Treatment: Neck Pain

Most neck pain is due to strain and spasm of the neck muscles. the common crick in the neck upon arising is one example of neck muscle strain. this type of neck pain can be adequately treated at home. neck pains that require the attention of a doctor include those due to meningitis or a pinched nerve. 

With fever and headache, there is possibility of meningitis. it may cause intense spasms of the neck muscles and make the neck very stiff. more commonly, though, neck pain is part of a flu syndrome that includes fever, muscle aches, and headache. when generalized aching throughout the muscles is present, a visit to a doctor is seldom useful. when stiff neck is due to one of the more common causes of muscles spasm, the sufferer can usually touch the chin to the chest., though perhaps with difficulty. if in doubt, it is better to see the doctor for an ordinary muscle spasm than to attempt to treat meningitis at home.

Pinched Nerve:
Arthritis or injury to the neck can result in a pinched nerve. when this is the source of neck pain, the pain may extend down the arm, or there may be numbness or tingling sensations in the arm or hand. this pain is only on one side, and neck stiffness is not prominent.

Home Treatment:
Neck pain in the morning may be due to poor sleeping habits. sleep on firm surface; a firm mattress firmer. stop using a pillow that keep the head from twisting without raising it. if you fold an ordinary bath towel lengthwise into a long strip four inches (10cm) wide, wrap it around the neck at bedtime, and secure it with tape or a safety pin, the overnight relief is often striking. warmth may be of benefit in relieving spasms and pain. heat may be applied with hot shower, hot compress, or a heating pad. heat may be used as often as practical, but don't burn the skin. aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen will help relieve pain and inflammation. neck pain, like back pain, is slow to improve and may take several weeks to completely resolve. if pain doesn't lessen in a week, call a doctor.

 Neck Pain:
1. Is this pain associated with fever and headache, or is the neck so stiff that the chin cannot be touched to the chest.
* if yes, see a doctor
*if no, use home treatment

2. Does the pain travel down one arm, or is there numbness or tingling in the arms?
* if yes, see a doctor
* if no, use home treatment

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