Home Treatment For Vagina Discharge

Abnormal discharge from the vagina is common but shouldn't be confused with the normal vaginal secretion's, which are thin, clear, and painless. some of the many possible causes require the doctor.
The problem may be treated at home for a time if:
- The discharge is slight, doesn't hurt or itch, & isn't chessy, smelly, or bloody
- There is no possibility of a venereal disease
- The patient is past puberty.

 Signs of Trouble:
Abnormal pain suggests the possibility of serious disease, ranging from gonorrhea to an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube. bloody discharge between periods, if reccurent or significant in amount, suggests much the same. discharge in a girl before puberty is rare and should be evaluated.
If sexual contact in the past few weeks might possible have resulted in a venereal disease, the doctor must seen, don't be afraid to take this problem to the doctor. be frank in naming your sexual contacts, for their own benefit. information will be kept confidential, and the doctor will not embarass you, doctors are commonly confronted with this situation.

Home Treatment:
 Hygiene & patience are the home remedies. if you have a discharge, douche daily & following intercourse with a betadine solution (two tablespoons to a quart of water, or 30ml to a liter) or baking soda (one teaspoon to a quart, or 5ml to a liter). if the discharge persists despite treatment for more than two weeks or becomes worse, see the doctor. do not douche for 24 hours prior to seeing the doctor.
Medication active against yeast (monistat, etc) are now available without prescription.

Some signs that may indicate an abnormal vaginal discharge and infection

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