Home Treatment For Chiggers

Chiggers, like ticks, are a small hazard of nature. anyone who grew up in the areas where they are common can testify to how excruciating the itch from chigger's bites can be. Chiggers are small red mites, sometimes called "red bugs", that live on grasses and shrubs. their bite contains a chemical that eats away at the skin, causing a tremendous itch. usually the small red sores are around the belt line or other openings in the clothes. careful inspection may reveal the tiny red larvae in the center of the itching sore.

Home Treatment:
Chiggers are better avoided than treated. using insect repellents, wearing appropriate clothing, and bathing after exposure help to cut down on the frequency of bites. once you get them, they itch, often for several weeks. keep the sores clean and soak them with warm water twice daily. cuprex, RID, and A200 applied immediately may help kill the larvae, but the itch will persist.
Corticosteroid creams (Cortaid, Lanacort, etc.) may be tried but are usually not much help don't use these creams for a long time without doctor's advice. nail polish is said to give relief from itching, but we aren't aware of scientific evaluations of it's effect. 

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